Zambia’s Tourism Industry: A Path to Recovery and Growth

Zambia Tourism - Victoria Falls with Sunset
Step into Zambia’s renewed world of travel. Discover its remarkable resurgence, vibrant attractions, and strategies for becoming a premier global destination. Join us in exploring Zambia’s compelling narrative. Be enthralled by its captivating allure and embark on a journey of knowledge, connection, and growth in the world of travel and tourism. Ready for Zambia’s captivating promise?

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Navigating Zambia’s Tourism Renaissance Amidst Global Challenges
The Future of Zambia Tourism: A Vibrant Outlook
A Glimpse into  Zambia Tourism’s Growth Strategies
Zambia’s Prime Tourist Attractions: Tailoring Memorable Travel Itineraries
Exploring Key International Source Markets to Zambia
Tourist Trends in Zambia: Stays and Spending
Extended Stays and Diverse Spending: Exploring Tourism Trends in Zambia
Enthralled by Zambia’s captivating allure and the promise of unforgettable experiences?

Navigating Zambia’s Tourism Renaissance Amidst Global Challenges

The global tourism industry, like many others, faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions, lockdowns, and health concerns, international tourism came to a screeching halt, impacting economies and livelihoods worldwide. Zambia, a country known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes, was not immune to these challenges. However, as we look ahead to 2023, there is a sense of optimism in the air. The Zambian government and various tourism agencies are working diligently to reinvigorate the nation’s tourism sector and set ambitious targets for international tourist arrivals.

In retrospect, 2022 marked a pivotal year for Zambia’s tourism industry, witnessing a noteworthy resurgence in international tourist arrivals, totaling 800,000 visitors—a promising sign of recovery. This surge can be attributed to a combination of key factors. Firstly, the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions worldwide facilitated the safe return of international tourists, including those to Zambia. Additionally, the pivotal role played by the Zambian government in promoting the nation’s tourism attractions through various initiatives contributed significantly to this success. Notably, a significant milestone in 2022 was the effective showcase of Zambia’s diverse attractions, exemplified by Her Excellency Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, unveiling a compelling range of offerings that enticed travelers from around the world.

The Future of Zambia Tourism: A Vibrant Outlook


Zambia’s tourism sector is on the cusp of an exciting renaissance, and the prospects are undeniably promising. In 2023, the industry is poised not only to recover fully from the pandemic’s impact but to soar beyond its pre-pandemic heights. The momentum is palpable, with a surge in visitor numbers during the first half of 2023. A remarkable 605,650 international tourists graced Zambia’s landscapes, marking a 22% increase from the previous year. This remarkable upswing underscores the sector’s resilience, powered by a trifecta of factors – the removal of customs duty, dynamic digital marketing strategies, and visa waivers.


Ambitious Targets and Sustainable Growth


The Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) has set an audacious goal for the end of 2023: attracting a staggering 1.5 million international arrivals. This objective is not just a lofty dream but is anchored in a series of strategic initiatives designed to stimulate growth and attract more players to the sector.
The optimistic outlook isn’t confined to 2023 alone. Growth is projected to extend into 2024 and beyond, fueled by robust travel demand, unwavering government support, and favorable factors such as high vaccination rates and visa waivers. Zambia’s tourism industry is on the precipice of a remarkable journey into the future.

Zambia Tourism Wildlife - Elephant

A Glimpse into  Zambia Tourism’s Growth Strategies

Delving into the visionary Marketing Plan for Destination Zambia, a bold project initiated by the Zambia Tourism Agency, which was scheduled into implementation in 2023, uncovers a comprehensive set of strategies.

The primary objective of this Marketing Plan is clear: to ignite demand and augment tourism arrivals within the nation. It encompasses a wide spectrum of meticulously designed, integrated, and comprehensive approaches, each intended to beautifully showcase Zambia’s abundant natural beauty, diverse culture, and incredible wildlife to the world, ultimately enhancing the outlook for international tourist arrivals in 2023.

The blueprint of the Zambia Tourism’s plan encompasses a multitude of strategies to achieve its objectives:

  • Visa Waivers: To make travel to Zambia even more attractive, the ZTA is waiving visa requirements for select countries. This initiative simplifies travel for potential tourists and creates a more welcoming atmosphere for international visitors. It sends a message that Zambia is open, inviting, and ready to share its wonders with the world.
  • Removal of Customs Duties: One of the pivotal moves is the elimination of customs duties on goods and services within the tourism sector. By lifting this financial barrier, Zambia aims not only to stimulate growth but also to entice more investors and stakeholders into the industry. This bold action not only makes traveling more affordable but also invites businesses to participate in Zambia’s tourism renaissance.
  • Travel and Infrastructure Improvements: Making travel to and within Zambia more affordable and convenient is crucial to boost demand and visitor stay. This involves addressing high domestic airfares, expanding domestic airline options, and improving road infrastructure. Better connections and lower travel costs will encourage tourists to explore more destinations within Zambia.
  • Digital Marketing Enhancement: In an era where digital plays a significant role in travel planning, having a robust online presence is non-negotiable. Recognizing this, the Zambian Tourism Agency plans to amplify its digital marketing platform by over 10%. This significant expansion will help in reaching a broader global audience and effectively showcasing Zambia’s incredible attractions and experiences.
  • Targeting Non-Traditional Markets: Zambia is diversifying its focus by exploring new, non-traditional markets that have not been extensively marketed before. By doing so, the nation aims to diversify its source markets and attract a more diverse range of tourists, expanding its appeal beyond the conventional travel circuits.
  • Effective Destination Marketing: In the highly competitive global and regional tourism landscape, Zambia will invest in marketing to create a compelling brand and enhance its worldwide visibility. The government plans to allocate sufficient resources to marketing efforts, focusing on quality campaigns, updated branding, and market research to better understand tourist source markets.
  • Diversifying Tourism Attractions: To further enhance Zambia’s allure as a diverse and thrilling travel destination, it’s essential to expand and diversify tourism attractions, extending visitors’ length of stay. While Zambia is already celebrated for its natural wonders, wildlife safaris, and adventure activities, the development of cultural and non-wildlife attractions is a key strategy. This includes crafting unique experiences in lesser-explored rural areas.
Zambia Tourism, Cultural Experiences

Zambia’s Prime Tourist Attractions: Tailoring Memorable Travel Itineraries

Below, we present a selection of Zambia’s top tourist attractions that exemplify its rich and varied offerings, making it a truly exceptional destination.

  • Victoria Falls – Highlight Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders, in your travel itineraries, showcasing the breathtaking waterfall and its panoramic views.
  • Devil’s Pool – Offer your clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience by including guided tours to Angel’s or Devil’s Pool, a stunning geologic formation on Livingstone Island.
  • Victoria Falls – Highlight Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders, in your travel itineraries, showcasing the breathtaking waterfall and its panoramic views.
  • Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park – Create immersive journeys for your travelers that take them along trails leading to the edge of Victoria Falls and down to the mesmerizing “boiling pot.”
  • Lower Zambezi National Park – Design safari packages that feature canoeing excursions on the Zambezi River, providing opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to encounter diverse birdlife.
  • Livingstone Museum – Immerse your clients in Zambia’s rich history and culture with a visit to the country’s oldest and largest museum.
  • Chaminuka Game Reserve – Craft exclusive experiences, combining wildlife viewing with exquisite dining options and a variety of engaging activities.
  • Mukuni Village – Promote cultural immersion by incorporating visits to Mukuni Village in your itineraries, allowing travelers to explore the local culture and vibrant craft markets.
  • South Luangwa National Park – Showcase South Luangwa National Park as a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, emphasizing encounters with leopards, lions, and elephants.
  • 37D Gallery – Encourage art and culture enthusiasts to explore 37D Gallery, a serene venue where they can enjoy leisurely atmospheres and artistic inspiration.
  • Sunday Crafts Market – Create opportunities for travelers to engage with Zambia’s vibrant creativity by including visits to the bustling Sunday Crafts Market.

    These incredible attractions are just the beginning of the remarkable journey that Zambia has to offer. From the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls to the serene galleries of 37D Gallery, this diverse selection of destinations captures the essence of Zambia’s captivating beauty and cultural richness. Whether you’re drawn to the natural wonders, cultural experiences, or wildlife encounters, Zambia promises an exciting and captivating adventure that your international travel agency can feature in its itineraries. Discover the true spirit of Zambia as you guide your clients through this extraordinary destination’s hidden treasures and vibrant experiences.

    These attractions offer a diverse blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and wildlife encounters, making Zambia an exciting and captivating destination to feature in your international travel agency’s itineraries.


    Zambia Tourism, Zambezi River

    Exploring Key International Source Markets to Zambia 

    In 2022, Zambia experienced an influx of international tourists from diverse source markets, including European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States of America. While these nations played a pivotal role in shaping Zambia’s tourism landscape, it’s important to recognize the growing influence of African nations like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Kenya. This regional appeal and connectivity have firmly established Zambia as a burgeoning tourism destination in Africa. As Zambia’s tourism industry continues to thrive, explore the emergence of new international source markets, offering fresh opportunities for growth and diversification.

    Germany: Reliable European Source Market

    Germany, a European powerhouse with a strong economy and a keen interest in African destinations, consistently contributes a significant number of tourists to Zambia, attracted by its natural beauty, wildlife, and culture. Germany plays a crucial role in achieving Zambia’s 2023 arrival target of 1.5 million visitors.

    France: Cultural Enthusiasts

    France, known for its appreciation of art and culture, is increasingly interested in Zambia’s diverse heritage and traditions, making it an emerging source market. Zambia’s cultural tourism, traditional ceremonies, crafts, and historical sites resonate with French travelers.

    United Kingdom: Historic Connection

    The United Kingdom’s historical ties to Zambia and shared heritage make it a vital source market. British tourists are drawn to Zambia’s natural wonders, wildlife conservation, and historical sites related to the colonial era. The UK’s interest in eco-tourism, adventure activities, and luxurious lodges is significant for Zambia.

    United States: Adventure Seekers

    The United States, with its adventurous population, is increasingly attracted to Zambia’s diverse landscape. The opportunity to explore national parks, thrilling safaris, and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls appeals to American tourists, positioning the US as an emerging source market.

    Australia: Wildlife and Adventure Enthusiasts

    Australia, known for its love of wildlife and adventure, has discovered Zambia’s unique offerings. Encounters with rare species and adrenaline-pumping activities like white-water rafting and walking safaris have captured the interest of Australian travelers, placing Australia among the emerging source markets.

    China and India: Emerging Giants

    China and India’s growing middle-class populations and disposable incomes are making them significant emerging source markets for Zambia. Their interest in Zambia’s wildlife, culture, and adventure opportunities aligns with the rise of long-haul travel from these countries, presenting Zambia with a promising opportunity to welcome visitors from these Asian giants.

    Apart from the top international source markets, African nations also play a pivotal role in Zambia’s tourism landscape. These neighboring and nearby countries are significant contributors to the nation’s tourism sector, emphasizing the regional appeal and connectivity. Prominent African source markets include Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Kenya, among others, each bringing their unique cultural and geographical perspective to Zambia’s diverse tourism offerings. Zambia’s proximity to these African markets enhances its position as a hub for both regional and international travelers, further solidifying its status as a growing tourism destination in the continent.

    Extended Stays and Diverse Spending: Exploring Tourism Trends in Zambia

    Zambia has witnessed a positive shift in the duration of international tourists’ stays, now averaging 7 to 10 days for those visiting for leisure or holidays. This extended visit showcases the nation’s diverse attractions, including national parks, wildlife safaris, cultural experiences, and adventure activities, encouraging travelers to savor their journey for a more extended period, a significant improvement from the 4.5-day average stay in 2018.

    Spending patterns vary widely among international tourists, with an estimated daily budget of $150 to $250 covering accommodation, meals, activities, park fees, and souvenirs. However, individual choices play a significant role, allowing travelers to opt for budget-friendly or premium experiences based on their preferences.

    In summary, the promising future of Zambia’s tourism sector shines brightly on the horizon. With unwavering government commitment and a visionary marketing plan, Zambia is poised for a flourishing tourism industry. These strategic initiatives are more than just tactics; they are a declaration of Zambia’s intent to become a top-tier global travel destination. With ambitious targets and collective efforts, Zambia is set to provide tourists’ worldwide with opportunities to explore its diverse landscapes and rich culture.

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    Enthralled by Zambia’s captivating allure and the promise of unforgettable experiences?


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