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Green Travel and Tours

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Green Travel is an agency that is focused on curating Private experiences in pristine destinations. We partner with travel companies that share our passion for sustainability and supporting local communities. Your trip isn't just a vacation, it's a positive ripple effect.

Over a decade in the Safari industry has taught us the magic of this land and the importance of protecting it. We're not just showing you Africa, we're showing you how to experience it responsibly. Forget cookie-cutter itineraries. We hand-craft journeys that resonate with your soul, from hidden gems to eco-friendly lodges, ensuring every moment reflects your unique desires.

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Green Travel and Tours would like to register with you, to access the up-to-date information on travel trends as well as tailored African destination packages. We also want to benefit from the trainings provided. Furthermore, we want to showcase our expertise on your platform and connect with international travel agents.
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Yes, we are an African-based business.
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Botswana, Gaborone
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